Saturday, 18 April 2009

Robyn's E News 15 Apr 09

Hi All,

Like everyone, life is very busy at the moment and I've found myself muttering "stop the world, I want to get off" more than once lately. So something has to give.

In my case its the E News.

I've loved doing it, loved getting results to you, loved keeping you informed and in some cases have been educating you in many things triathlon.

But most of all I've tried to make you feel welcome and part of Darwin Triathlon Club. I hope I have succeeded in doing that.

It's a good time to draw the curtain on Robyn's E News. After this weekend we have a break in racing and the Arafura Games info is already out there.

So for the last time from me:


Sunday 19 April 09
Arafura Games Lead Up
Lake Alexander
7am (registration closes 6.45am sharp)
1km swim, 26km bike, 8km run (option 500m swim, 13km ride, 4km run)
Race Director: Stu Fitch 0418 437 075
Registration: Scott Bevis / Melissa Thompson
Timekeepers: Tim Ellison / Yvonne Ellison
Fruit / Ice: Ali Fitch


1. No drafting allowed.

2. We do not have road closure. You must stop for RED lights and obey all traffic regulations.

3. Age eligibility for this event: 15 years to do the whole long race or 14 years to do one leg as part of a team.

4. Age eligibility for short option: 14 years or 13 years to do one leg as part of a team.


1. Information on upcoming events is available on the yellow hard copy calendar as well as the website. Please ensure you check and are aware when you are rostered on.

2. I'll still do preliminary results and will update the pointscore and achievement & honour boards (see website) .

3. Keep your eye on the website more often for info. Have something to sell, say or share make use of the blog area by adding a comment to the current areas.

4. Flickr has ticked over 20,000 views and while interest remains high, I hope to keep that going. Thanks to those who contributed photos from the last event.

5. Congratulations to Kyle Gear (M20-24), Chad Anderson (M25-29) and Monica Stewart (F55-59) who made the Age Group Team for ITU World Triathlon Championships on the Gold Coast in September.

6. Don't forget to check the club website more often for information and/or announcements.

See you all on Sunday at Lake Alexander,

Robyn Stanley
Darwin Triathlon Club
E News

Club website:
Facebook Group: Darwin Triathlon Club
Facebook Event: Arafura Games Triathlon