Monday, 23 May 2011

Robyn's E News 23 May 2011

Hi All,

We had an excellent turnout for our Teams Event at the Waterfront Lagoon. The team themes were a hoot ... we had Kath, Kim & Sharon show up, a couple of very bogan bogans, fairies, superheros, tattoo'd blokes, straights, dags, hula dancers and we spent a bit of time wondering where Wally was, to name just a few. Thanks to RD John Thyne and a great team of volunteers, the teams event was a great way to spend an amusing Sunday morning !

Heads up that we are working on the club calendar for 2011/2012. Obviously it is somewhat challenging with the current water quality issues, but there is a positive ... we get to be a little more creative.

Once finalised, the draft calendar will be circulated with a request that members volunteer for key positions. For our calendar to go ahead, we will need volunteers for Race Director, Timekeepers, Registration, Fruit/Ice at each of the events. Traditionally our members are expected to carry out one of those positions at least once each calendar. We recommend you choose that event. After that we fill any blanks from our member list.


1. Teams Event, Waterfront, 250m swim, 6km bike, 1.5km run

1 Tattoo You (Derek Cross, Matt Redmond, Dale Berk) 1.04.00; 2 Bogans (Steve Goat, Marcus Lisle, Daryl Stanley) 1.10.58; 3 Dubious Gender (Rob Weatherald, Brian Gallagher, Tony Cox) 1.11.45; 4 Daggy (Blue Watt, Pete Brady, Michelle Mitchell) 1.11.46; 5 The Boys (Ian Pollock, Chris Battenburg, Simon Jeggo) 1.12.44; 6 Hula (Ryoko Jones, Grant Preddy, Russell Peacock) 1.13.30; 7 SuperHeros (Haydn Whitty, Ben Sanders, Daniel Eakins) 1.14.14; 8 I"ron"man (Ron Griep, Juliette Neve, Simone Atkinson) 1.16.20; 9 Straight (Karen Wilson, Col Smith, JM Kerslake) 1.20.24; 10 Where's Wally (Robyn Stanley, Glen Scholz, Kylie Gaffel) 1.21.05; 11 Princesses (Rose Stephens, Karen Lewis, Phil Lewis) 1.22.27; 12 VeryFast (Barry Sullivan, Hans Bormann, Moira Wigley) 1.22.59; 13 Kath, Kim & Sharon (Monica Stewart, Kate Richardson, Belinda Townend) 1.23.30; 14 Fairies (Shaye Hatty, James Geddes) 1.24.16; 15 Fairy & Friend (Bella Hatty, Ari McInerney) 1.25.09; 16 Us (Craig Leach, Melinda Leach, ?) 1.26.23; 17 Hawaii 3-O (Cate Killiner, Sean Killiner, Tass Liveris) 1.29.30.

2. Ironman Lanzarote, 3.8km swim, 180km bike, 42.2km run

Male: Timo Bracht 8.30.34 Female Rachel Joyce 9.28.12

3. Ironman Texas, 3.8km swim, 180kkm bike, 42.2km run

Male: Eneko Llanos 8.08.20 Female: Catriona Morrison 8.57.51

4. Ironman 70.3 Austria, 1.9km swim, 90km bike, 21.1km run

Male: Filip Ospaly 3.55.27 Female: Karin Thuerig 4.20.34

5. Huangshan ITU Asian Cup, 1.5km swim, 40km bike, 10km run

Male: Bai Faquan 1.48.36 (CHN) Female: Hongni Wang (CHN) 2.03.50

6. Brno ETU Jnr European Cup, 750m swim, 20km bike, 5km run

Male: Kristian Blummenfelt (NOR) 1.00.54 Female: Monika Orazem (SLO) 1.06.57


Sunday 19 June 2011
Lake Alexander (to be confirmed)
300m swim, 13km bike, 2km run

Race status (CLUB)


Race Director: Phill Hatty
Registration: Justin Tranter / Ian Pollock
Timekeeping: David Crane / Paul Tilbrook
Fruit / Ice: Shaye Hatty


1. We are all going to need to be a little flexible with our events while the Lake A problem persists.

2. Keep your eyes on E News or the New/Announcements page of the website Blog: for updates on any changes to location or event formats.


1. The much awaited Level 1 coaching course will take place Saturday & Sunday 16 & 17 July 2011

2. Registration and further info see link at


1. MISSING: A distinctive dragon necklace was inadvertently placed in the wrong bag at Nightcliff swim squad on Thursday. Could all swimmers please search their swim bags thoroughly and let me know if you have it. Owner slightly frantic.

2. Items for next E News or requests or advt re runs by 9pm tomorrow please.


1. There were some creative bike course interpretations at the Teams Event, but we think everyone ended up doing the same distance in the end.

2. Simon Jeggo took the award for the most spectacular bunny hop over the speed bumps.

3. James Geddes did the closest road inspection and wrecked a helmet along the way. Ouch!

4. And which SuperHero almost drowned in the swim, cape and all?

5. One of the Princesses found it faster to walk some of the swim.

6. And a bogan was weighed down by his beatbox during the run.

7. After yesterday, I have a renewed appreciation of where novice triathletes sit on the tri fitness scale.

8. Also after yesterday Blue Watt has strict instructions to bin those budgie smugglers. Talk about prawn trawlers !

8. More ouch ... Phil Blumberg, Peta Jeggo and Claire Goldsmith were also casualties over the weekend & kept RDH busy ... we wish them all speedy recoveries from their injuries.

9. Updated information on the Katherine Ultra Challenge is available at the new website .

10. A distinctive dragon necklace was inadvertently placed in the wrong bag at Nightcliff swim squad on Thursday. Could all swimmers please search their swim bags thoroughly and let me know if you have it. Owner now slightly frantic, it's a favourite.


... visitors call in, you open the cupboard and have to move the Powerade before you find the tea and coffee
... you food shop at least four times a week & there is still nothing in the house to eat
... you walk past someone and say "on your right"

Safe Training,

Robyn Stanley
Darwin Triathlon Club
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