Friday, 30 September 2011

Club Uniform Order Now Open

Hi All,

Here's the information on our much awaited club uniform order.

We have maintained our fantastic colours for this order and are offering our new club shirts, Men’s and Women’s Tri Suits, Ladies 1 Piece swimmers and Men’s swimmers. We hope this covers most of your training and racing needs.

The women’s version of the Tri Suit and the one piece are lined.

Following your feedback from our previous club shirt order we have asked Cannibal to increase the arm size a little on the women’s version.


1. Size Chart: It is important to measure yourself and check sizes against this chart. Cannibal pattern makers revised their sizing measurements earlier this year.

Club Gear Q&A:

Q: What do the club uniform items look like?

A: Most of you have seen the new club shirts and the men’s swimmers. Images of the other items can be viewed as you place your online order.

Q: Who is our supplier?

A: Our suppliers are Cannibal.

Q: Can I try items on to see what size I am?

A: Sorry no.

Q: Is there more info on items?

A: Yes. Refer Cannibal website for more detailed description.

Q: How do I know what size to order?

A: We recommend you measure yourself, check the attached size chart and then order relevant sizing. Don't guess. Cannibal pattern makers have recently revised their size chart to ensure their chart is as accurate as possible.

Q: What if I order and it doesn't fit?

A: Happy to advertise the item for re sale in the E News on your behalf.

Q: If I don't order now can I get what I want later?

A: No guarantee. If the minimum order numbers of an item are obtained, that's all we get.

Q: Why doesn't the club hold uniform stocks?

A: A number of reasons including deterioration in our climate, storage, administration, cost to the club and the volunteer time involved.

Q: Why do I have to pay up front?

A: Uniform order is a voluntary service to members & experience tells us this is the easiest way to manage. The club also has to pay up front before delivery.

Q: If I don't order now, when will the next order be done?

A: Not known.

Q: How much profit does the club make on this?

A: Zero. The club also subsidises the freight & design costs to ensure members get quality club gear at the lowest possible cost.

Q: Why is the closing date Sunday 9 October 2011 at 8pm?

A: We have been advertising for some time that a uniform order was about to happen. To assist the uniform order volunteer, please get your orders in asap, today would be fantastic!

Q: How do I order?

A: Order online

Q: What if minimum order numbers are not reached?

A: If order numbers are not at or close to minimum, your payment will be refunded.

Q: What is the turnaround time for delivery?

A: Allow about 4 weeks from placement of order.

We hope you will all take advantage of this opportunity to order quality club design gear.


Robyn Stanley
Darwin Triathlon Club

Thursday, 29 September 2011

Robyn's E News 28 Sept 2011

Hi All,

Don't worry, you didn't miss out ! There was no E News distributed on Monday. Combination of factors, I didn't get back from the National Triathlon Conference until stupid o'clock on Sunday night and had to resolve some internet issues (now sorted ... at least I hope they are).

It was great to hear there was such a good turnout for Sunday's event. Our thanks go to RD Craig Garland and all those who assisted with the event on race day. I know you are all waiting patiently for the results so ….


1. Triathlon, Lake Alexander, 400m swim, 13km bike, 3km run (Prov results, please advise any errors)

1 Matt King 37 mins 04 secs; 2 Kyle Gear 37.49; 3 Tim Ellison 38.42; 4 Rob Weatherald 39.07; 5 Marcus Lisle 39.13; 6 Steve Goat 39.39; 7 Lee Wilson 39.48; 8 Ron Griep 40.01; 9 Pete Brady 40.22; 10 David Croser 40.37; 11 Justin Tranter 40.50; 12 Brian Gallagher 40.57; 13 Korgan Hucent 41.23; 14 Rob Brooks 42.00; 15 Jason Jones 42.08; 16 Tim Green 42.39; 17 John Arrigo 42.42; 18 John Thyne 42.50; 19 Chris Battenburg 43.00; 20 Kylie Gaffel 43.10; 21 Ali Croser 43.16; 22 Dale Berk 43.25; 23 Blue Watt 44.10; 24 Nikki Roddie 44.19; 25 Belinda Birk 44.30; 26 Ryoko Jones 44.41; 27 Paul Hollander 44.55; 28 Team Karen Lewis/Phil Lewis 45.24; 29 Simon Weise 45.38; 30 Paul Usher 45.57; 31 Dean Cramp 46.29; 32 Thomas Parkinson 47.21; 33 Monica Stewart 47.31; 34 Nelson Rossingh 48.23; 35 Lisa Roberts 48.31; 36 David Hancock 48.33; 37 Col Smith 48.43; 38 Stuart Stacey 48.56; 39 James Lugg 49.01; 40 Nathan Dwyer 49.02; 41 Jo Duncan 49.21; 42 Jane Marie Kerslake 49.25; 43 Bertram Birk 49.32; 44 Peta Jeggo 49.38; 45 Paul Tilbrook 49.39; 46 Gerard Wong 49.53; 47 Lisa Eadie 50.03; 48 Arullen Naidoo 50.03; 49 Phil Blumberg 50.38; 50 Alexis Marshall 50.53; 51 Monique Eliseo 51.00; 52 Belinda Townend 51.12; 53 Amy Pallentine 51.38; 54 Karen Lewis 52.16; 55 Kate Richardson 52.30; 56 Emma Muntz 52.49; 57 MacKinlay Stirrat 52.54; 58 Paula Monaghan 53.03; 59 Ben Sanders 53.52; 60 Team Angela Librio/Tori Sherrock 55.05; 61 Trev Edwards 55.37; 62 Jacqui Brown 55.49; 63 Bill Piper 56.14; 64 Scott Mathews 56.37; 65 James Geddes 56.38; 66 Rose Stephens 57.18; 67 Erin Whitehead 57.36; 68 Cath Meng 58.01; 69 Christine Friebel 59.24; 70 Team J Brown/Erin Mettam 59.58; 71 Leanne Abel 1.00.11; 72 Leah Hendrick 1.03.19; 73 Glen Scholz dnf; 74 Malinda Leach dnf; 75 Barry Sullivan dnf; 76 Craig Leach dnf; 77 Barry King dnf

2. Ironman 70.3 France Pays d’Aix, 1.9km swim, 90km bike, 21.1km run

Male: Stephane Poulat 3.49.43 Female: Jeanne Gollonge 4.17.42

3. Ironman 70.3 Augusta, 1.9km swim, 90km bike, 21.1km run

Male: Victor Zyemtsev Female: Emma-Kate Lidbury 4.19.31

4. 2011 ITU Duathlon World Championships, Gijon, 10km run, 40km bike, 5km run

Male: Sergio Silva (POR) 1.51.17 Female: Katie Hewison (GBR) 2.02.45

5. ITU Pan American Cup (USAT Championships, 1.5km swim, 40km bike, 10km run

Male: Hunter Kemper 1.48.24 Female: Laura Bennett 1.59.37


1. Our junior season kicks off this weekend:


Sunday 2 October 2011

Goldfish Bowl, 44 Toupein Road, Yarrawonga

Registration closes 7.45am

2. Juniors wishing to participate must be club members. Membership is $45 online at

3. Our Junior coordinator is Jason Jones 0439 885 797


Sunday 9 October 2011

Lake Alexander

Reverse Order Triathlon

3km run, 13km bike, 300m swim

Event Status: CLUB (must be member to participate)

Race Director: Jac Crofton

Registration: Ian Pollock / Volunteer Required

Timekeepers: Blue Watt / Jim Eadie

Fruit / Ice: Stef Puszka


1. Triathlon NT Inc Annual General Meeting will be held on Sunday 9 October 2011, 6.45am at Lake Alexander.

2. Triathlon NT is the peak sporting organisation for triathlon in the NT. As a Darwin Triathlon Club members you are also a member of Triathlon NT and Triathlon Australia.

3. If you are able to contribute to our sport at Territory and National Level, please have a chat to Triathlon NT President David McLeod (0411 226 967) or email


1. Our newly elected committee held their first meeting on Monday and I can report that you are well represented by a committed, passionate & approachable group. They are already working hard on your behalf.

2. A hard copy of our calendars (junior & senior) will be produced this week and distributed. Copy of calendar will also be available on the club website.

3. We require a volunteer to take charge of our race box and timers. Suitable person would be one who attends majority of our events, has access to photocopying facilities (to ensure supply of registration & timing sheets is maintained) and is happy to get the race box to events in time for opening of registration. Sound like you? Please email

4. Uniform order of tri suits, Ladies 1 piece swimmers, men’s swimmers and club tee shirts will be finalised this week.

5. We have revamped our tri suit design and it looks great.

6. Heads up that venue for our Enduro event scheduled for Nightcliff Pool will change to Lake Alexander.

7. We would like to again recognise those of our previous committee who stood down at our recent AGM. Jane Marie Kerslake (Treasurer), Jodie McLeod (Juniors) and Simon Jeggo (Equipment) have all given of their time and effort over a long period and we thank them sincerely for their contribution to our club.


1. FOR SALE: Merida Warp 6 TT bicycle 2007 model. $1300 Excellent condition. 53cm frame, Shimano Ultegra derallieurs, Dura Ace bar shifters, FSA gossamer triathlon crank, FSA vision bars, Shimano R550 wheelset. Contact Les 0439 884 772

2. Items for next E News by 8pm Sunday please.


1. Big rumour that Chrissie Wellington has crashed and injured her elbow & sustained some severe gravel rash. There is speculation that she could be out of Ironman World Championships in Hawaii next month.

2. Our pro triathlete Michelle Mitchell is marking time in Spain prior to Challenge Barcelona this weekend. Good luck Michelle!

3. Bella Hatty showed a clean pair of heels to the rest of the field in the 800m at the North Qld Athletic Championships (pb of 2.34) Bella backed up for a silver in the 1500m (also setting a pb in 5.32).

4. At time of compiling this E News, results from the NT Open Water Championships were yet to be posted but word is a number of our members came away with medals. Watch this space.

5. The Port Douglas Tri Festival is on this weekend. Good luck to Helen Bretten (Olympic Distance) and Nikki Roddie (Half IM).

6. I’m pretty good at athlete tracking but it helps if you can give a heads up if you (or someone you know) are competing interstate or overseas.

Safe Training,



Robyn Stanley

Darwin Triathlon Club

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