Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Robyn's E News 30 May 2012

Hi All,

I think this is the first time we have turned our fans off since arriving in Darwin forever ago.  Still shouldn’t complain, it’s a lovely touch of mild weather compared to what our southern counterparts are experiencing. Our son said it was quite mild in Canberra yesterday … they could wipe the frost off the windscreen rather than have to chip it off with a credit card !  

Please note we have a couple of calendar changes due to the unavailability of Hidden Valley for our duathlon Race 2. 

We have basically just swapped the next two events ie we will have the triathlon at Lake Alexander on the 17 June and Race 2 of the Duathlon Series at Hidden Valley on 8 July.  Race directors have swapped but rostered volunteers for other positions remain the same.

We apologise for any inconvenience caused but with the V8s at Hidden Valley that weekend we couldn’t  “ do the du”  on the 17 June.


Sunday 17 June 2012
Lake Alexander
750m swim, 26km bike, 5km run
Short option:  300m swim, 13km bike, 3km run


Race Director:  Simon Cruickshank
Registration:  Emma Winterflood / Ron Griep
Timekeeping:  Ron Griep / Daniel Eakins
Fruit / Ice:  Volunteer required


1.  FOR SALE:  Darwin Tri Club ladies top size small; Never been used. $50 Contact  Belinda 0418 456 653

2.  Items for next E News by 8pm Tuesday please


1.  We have a large number of club members heading for Cairns this weekend.

2.  Michelle Mitchell, Lee Wilson and Sarah Collins will be flying our flag at Ironman Cairns.  Good luck.

3.  At Ironman 70.3 Cairns we will be represented by Ali Fitch, Peta Jeggo, Emma Winterflood, Amy Pallentine, Rosie Sullivan, Nikki Roddie, Tara Worby, Carlee Mark, John Arrigo, Robyn Stanley, Ben Sanders, Craig Garland, Kathy McKay, Belinda Townend, Renee De Jong, Jane Marie Kerslake, Tom O’Neil, Nathan Dwyer, Leigh Milne, Michael Varga and Justin Tranter.  Enjoy!

4.  Singapore 70.3 still holds the record for most popular destination race with our members.

5.  Packing bikes & tri gear for an away race can be quite challenging….. but especially so if you have to pack some warmer gear as well.   

6.  Have you checked out Photos recently?  There are over 9,000 photos up.

7.  Getting some requests for another uniform order.  Coming soon!

8.  Fernwood All Girls Tri date claimer – 2 September 2012

9.  Our Olympic team announcement is due tomorrow. Rest assured the process is in good hands with our Life Member Anthony Beven chairman of the selection committee.

10. There will be no E News Monday.  Check website for any updates.


… you talk about hammering and bricks but you aren’t referring to DIY.
… all of your "normal" friends call you "#*@ing crazy"
… your family, friends & workmates have given up asking "what are you up to this weekend?" knowing that the reply will be identical to the past 40, i.e. "training". The only variation is "racing".

Safe training,

Robyn Stanley
Darwin Triathlon Club
E News

Monday, 28 May 2012

Robyn's E News 28 May 2012

Hi All,

We had a very brisk start to our duathlon season yesterday.  Jumpers and jackets were dragged out of the drawer, lots of body hugging went on, but really it was ideal conditions for our event.

Competitors got more than they expected with a couple of the legs being a little longer than advertised.  Beach running and well as wind also made this one to brag about.  Well done everyone.

Our thanks to RD Nerida Godfrey and all the wonderful volunteers for their efforts.  Nerida & family  spent a lot of time prior to the event sweeping corners, removing glass and generally doing a million things to get the course race ready.  Volunteers did even more broom pushing to remove piles of glass which appeared overnight.  End result was a great event for our club members.  Thank you all we appreciate your contribution.

1.  Race 1 Duathlon Series, Lee Point, 3.8km run, 24km bike, 2km run

1 Brett Verity 1 hr 02 mins 38 secs; 2 Tim Green 1.04.34; 3 Glenn Woodrow 1.05.14; 4 Marcus Lisle 1.06.23; 5 Steve Goat 1.07.42; 6 Tony Cox 1.08.04; 7 Ron Griep 1.08.16; 8 Adam Richards 1.08.21; 9 Ben Streeter 1.08.52; 10 Pete Brady 1.09.27; 11 David Croser 1.09.58; 12 Kylie Gaffel 1.10.30; 13 Stef Puszka 1.11.29; 14 Team Pallentine/Scholz 1.11.35; 15 Rob Weatherald 1.13.06; 16 Malcolm Neville 1.13.31; 17 Nic French 1.14.22; 18 Rob Brooks 1.14.45; 19 Brian Gallagher 1.15.10; 20 John Thyne 1.16.52; 21 Billy Lynch 1.17.42; 22 Emmett Hartung 1.17.59; 23 Gary Wall 1.18.38; 24 Hamish Wiltshire 1.20.10; 25 Vicki Woodrow 1.20.14; 26 Polat Siva 1.20.52; 27 Gerard Wong 1.21.01; 28 Tass Liveris 1.21.24; 29 Daryl Stanley 1.22.10; 30 Phil Blumberg 1.22.16; 31 Emma Cook 1.22.57; 32 Tony Burns 1.24.05; 33 Col Smith 1.25.27; 34 Joy Glass 1.26.07; 35 Barry Sullivan 1.27.28; 36 Fran Edis 1.28.40; 37 Jacqui Brown 1.30.22; 38 Kim McInerney 1.30.49; 39 Bella Hatty 1.30.52; 40 Corinne Fabian 1.30.55; 41 Angela Librio 1.33.21; 42 Rose Stephens 1.34.50; 43 Phill Hatty 1.34.52; 44 Ari McInerney dnf

2.  ITU World Triathlon Series, Madrid 1.5km swim, 40km bike, 10km run

Male:  Jonathan Brownlee 1.51.49  Female:  Nicola Spirig 2.06.35

3.  Ironman Brazil, 3.8km swim, 180km bike, 42.2km run

Male:  Morales Ezequiel 8.22.40  Female:  Sofie Goos 9.17.25

4.  5150 Cairns, 1.5km swim, 40km bike, 10km run

Male:  Pete Jacobs 1.47.49  Female:  Michelle Mitchell 2.08.52


1. Our next event was scheduled for Hidden Valley.  Due to V8 clash we will be swapping dates/events around a little to maintain that venue.

2.  Please check Wednesday E news and/or our website for confirmation of details.

3.  We apologise for any inconvenience caused by this inadvertent change to our event calendar.


1.  FOR SALE:  Selle Italia bike seat.  Brand new.  Model "Flite gel flow".  Leather seat, gel saddle with titanium rails.  Sell $115 ono.  Contact Stu  0418 437 075.

2.  FOR SALE: P3 Ultegra 2011 size 54 for $3,200 ono Contact Simon  0414 657 256

3. FOR SALE:  ISM/Adamo "Podium" bike seat.  Brand new, unopened in original wrapping.  Sell $115 ono.  Contact Stu 0418 437 075.

4. ISM/Adamo "Time Trial" bike seat.  Ridden on several times only; immaculate condition.  Sell $105 ono.  Contact  Stu  0418 437 075.

5.  Items for next E News or requests for advt re runs by tomorrow 8pm please.


1.  Adam Richards raised $9450 with his recent Heart Foundation/Callum Davis Spin Bike Challenge for 2012. 

2.  Blue Watt got straight into training after arriving in the UK.  The weather obviously suits him, he ran 1.27 for a half marathon at the weekend.

3.  Who was that guy running in socks?

4.  Like that we have ticked over 200 Likes on our  Facebook page.

5.  Olympic selection crunch time for Oz.

6.  In orange nicks and blue top – Malcolm Neville made his annual appearance at Lee Point.  He does enjoy his duathlons.

7.  Some numbers were a bit hard to see yesterday.  The cooler weather meant many left their layers on.

8.  We have a large number of members heading over to Cairns for both IM and 70.3 events. Are you?

… you compete with your partner for the lowest resting heart rate.
… you wait a couple of days to take your car in when the "check engine” light goes on, but when your bike needs a tune up you take it right away.
… some of the best conversations you have are during long runs and rides. Mainly when you're going solo.

Safe training,

Robyn Stanley
Darwin Triathlon Club
E News