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E New 2 March 2016


Our juniors had a ball at their Run | Ride event on Sunday evening and the velodrome was alive with activity.

A big thank you to our junior co-ordinator Mel Lind and helpers Luke Hansen (the voice), Rena Walker (rego), BBQ wizard Anthony Lind, Denise & Roger Dunn (set up & equipment), Rosie Sullivan (marshall), Vijaya Joshi (fruit & drinks) and to all those who assisted to make this such a fun experience for the kids, big and small.

Now it's time for the one you have all been waiting & training for - Race #1 of our annual Sprint Series. Getting underway this Sunday, we are also offering a Short option for members.

Those wishing to "try a tri" before joining the club haven't been forgotten and are encouraged to enter the Come & Tri option which is available for non-members.

Something for everyone this weekend.  See you there!


Sunday 6 March 2016
Lake Alexander
7am (check in closes 6:45am)

Sprint Series #1 (members only)
750m swim, 26km bike, 5km run
Short Option #1 (members only)
300m swim, 13km bike, 3km run
Come & Tri #1 (non members wishing to try a tri)
300m swim, 13km bike, 3km run

Info and entry here


Race Director:  Barry Sullivan
Registration:     Moira Wigley | Clare Labowitch
Fruit | Ice:         Volunteer required


1.  We also require 2 x volunteers to run the aid station and a volunteer to marshall the turnaround point at Lake Alexander.  Please email if you can assist

2.  Sprint Series policy

3.  Women's Series policy


Please take the time to check these Basic Rules of Triathlon before the weekend:

10 important triathlon rules to remember ….

1.  Competitors must behave in a manner that is safe, fair and demonstrates good sports conduct before, during and after the race. Be careful, enjoy yourself and don’t give anyone else a hard time.

2.  You must stay on the prescribed course and it is your responsibility to know the course (don’t rely on marshals or spectators to tell you during the race).  Do not cut inside swim buoys, or cut corners on the ride or run.

3.  Do not throw anything (goggles, sunglasses, etc) onto the course or to spectators – you must place all your gear with your bike in transition.

4.  Your torso must be covered on both the cycle and run – either with swimmers, or a singlet or
t-shirt.  In some races, all participants may be required to wear a race singlet provided by the event.

5.  Your helmet must be done up BEFORE you remove your bike from the rack and KEPT DONE UP until you replace your bike on the rack.  You will be given a stop/start penalty if you do not obey this rule.  Do not wear earphones or headsets.

6.  Do not ride in the transition area – you must mount and dismount your bike at the marked zones/lines.

7.  On the ride, keep to the LEFT, unless overtaking someone, and obey the road rules – they still apply even though you are in a race.  Remember the road may be open to general traffic and you are sharing the road with other competitors and motorists.

8.  Don’t get too close to the person in front on the bike – this is called drafting and is not allowed in this club triathlon.  The draft zone is 7 metres (roughly four bike lengths) long starting for the front edge of your front wheel and 3 metres wide (1.5 metres either side).  If you stay at least 4 bike lengths behind the competitor in front of you, you will correctly avoid the draft.

Once you are closer than 7 metres, you have 15 seconds to overtake the rider in front and you must be GAINING on them at all times during that 15 seconds.  The correct way to overtake is to stay to the left, ride up behind the person in front, then when you are close enough, go around them (checking behind you first) and once you have passed them move back to the left of the road as soon as it is safe to do so).  You must overtake to the outside (right) NOT on the inside (left).  If you are overtaken, IMMEDIATELY drop back at least four bike lengths so you are out of the draft zone.  You are deemed to be drafting if you speed up as soon as someone’s wheel has gone past yours to catch them.  Drop back out of the draft zone first BEFORE you attempt to pass them.


9. Your bike must be returned to exactly the same position you were racked in at the start.

10.  You may not receive outside assistance of any kind from anyone.  For help, see a race official.


Enjoy your race!


1.  Craig Percival kicks off his 8 in 8 in 8 (8 ironman, 8 days, 8 states & territories) in Darwin on Sunday.  Give him a thumbs up if you see him.

2.  Lots of happy faces at Triathlon NT's beginner tri at the weekend.  Photo Gallery

3.  Stoked to see former members Rowan Beggs-French (1st M25-29 2:43:17) and Steve Fitchett (4th M45-49 2:52:44)  do so well at the Australian Cross Triathlon National Championships at Crackenback.

4.  Looking back on 2015 - our Sprint Series placegetters were:

Male:  1 Brett Verity  2 Korgan Hucent 3 Scott Hanrahan
Female:  1 Shaye Hatty 2 Shellie Ratahi 3 Tara Worby

Expecting the Series to be hotly contested again this year.

5.  Junior action photos

6.  Date announced for Bali International Triathlon - 14 August 2016.  Entry opens 1 April.

7.  Aged 30+?   You may like to consider the Alice Springs Masters Games.  Event dates: Duathlon Thurs 13 Oct & Triathlon Sat 15 Oct.

8.  Lucky Sprint #1 entry competition winners of club tshirts - (7th) Leanne Fidler, (14th) Chris Monahan & (21st) Leanne Abel (please collect on Sunday). 



1.  You can also keep up to date with news and announcements by checking our website, Facebook page and/or our Twitter.


A quick dismount junior style


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