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Robyn's E News 6 Apr 09

Our future ... racked & ready 4 yo style

Hi All,

Another big crowd contested the Sprint Race at Lake Alexander yesterday. Conditions were near perfect although it did get a little warm on the run. Traffic lights again came into play for some, (my count: three out of four .... ) but everyone enjoyed the longer distance and the opportunity to gauge their fitness prior to the Arafura lead up event.

A big thank you to Race Director Allan Stancombe and all those who assisted yesterday. Your efforts are much appreciated by all competitors. Thanks also to the big crowd of spectators who encouraged us all. Hope to see you out there "tri-ing" soon.


1. Darwin Triathlon Club, Sprint, Lake Alexander - 750m swim, 26km bike, 5km run (provisional)

1 Tim Ellison 1.07.22; 2 Kyle Gear 1.07.27; 3 Jerome Bosmans 1.08.30; 4 Rob Weatherald 1.12.48; 5 Marcus Lisle 1.13.32; 6 Grant Preddy 1.14.22; 7 Heath Porter 1.15.15; 8 Peter Brady 1.15.50; 9 Michelle Gailey 1.16.25; 10 Blue Watt 1.16.32; 11 Ian Pollock 1.17.06; 12 Brian Gallagher 1.17.37; 13 Roger Decurtins 1.18.53; 14 Tony Cox 1.19.23; 15 Dingo Hall 1.19.43; 16 Phil Lewis 1.19.48; 17 Emma Winterflood 1.20.17; 18 Rebecca Thyne 1.21.01; 19 John Thyne 1.21.26; 20 Leila Duncan 1.21.36; 21 Dean Preddy 1.22.19; 22 Lauren Stephenson 1.22.31; 23 David Croser 1.23.01; 24 Aaron Caden 1.23.04; 25 Dean Nankivell 1.23.06; 26 Simon Cruickshank 1.23.30; 27 Hollie Goodall 1.23.40; 28 Tim Lewis 1.23.51; 29 Phil Hatty 1.24.19; 30 Daryl Stanley 1.24.31; 31 Lisa Quinell 1.25.35; 32 Simon Jeggo 1.25.40; 33 Korgan Hucent 1.25.49; 34 Vincent Gilly 1.26.11; 35 Jodie McLeod 1.26.43; 36 Alison Croser 1.26.56; 37 James Geddes 1.27.31; 38 Shaye Hatty 1.28.29; 39 Jamie Wilson 1.28.44; 40 Kathy McKay 1.28.48; 41 Arullan Naidoo 1.28.53; 42 Phil Blumberg 1.28.55; 43 Jason Jones 1.29.01; 44 Peta Jeggo 1.29.53; 45 Tara Worby 1.30.24; 46 Grant Chambers 1.30.32; 47 Belinda Smith 1.30.36; 48 Mick Nyhuis 1.31.40; 49 Team French/Sparrow/Brown 1.31.41; 50 Bertram Birk 1.32.14; 51 Robyn Stanley 1.32.54; 52 Kelly Rowe 1.33.14; 53 Belinda Townend 1.34.36; 54 Luke Hansen 1.35.45; 55 Simone Griffiths 1.35.49; 56 Emma Liveris 1.35.50; 57 Team Grofton/Arlington/McKeen 1.37.07; 58 Team Piper/Antoun 1.38.02; 59 Brian Hannon 1.38.12; 60 Nathan Douglas 1.40.21; 61 Christine Friebel 1.41.43; 62 Cath Preddy 1.42.03; 63 John Castledine 1.42.11; 64 Darren Hill 1.46.34; 65 Magdaline Coleman 1.48.38; 66 Nerida Godfrey 1.49.20; 67 Col Smith 1.50.06; 68 Ernie Koch 1.52.03; 69 Bronwyn Rossingh 1.55.57; 70 Simon Wiese dnf; 71 Pete Svara dnf; 72 Tom Keeler dnf; 73 David Crane dnf

2. Ironman Australia, Port Macquarie - 3.8km swim, 180km ride, 42.2km run

Male: Patrick Vernay 8.24.55 Female: Chrissie Wellington 8.57.10

Stu Fitch 1st M55-59
Ian Norton M35-39 10.24.20
Phil Brownscombe M40-44 11.25.15
Nikki Roddie 14th F30-34 11.54.28
Paul Bell M40-44 12.08.32
Rob Brooks M45-49 12.11.30
Mick Outhred M30-34 12.59.25


Peter Lee M40-44 10.22.06
Stuart Borwick M35-39 10.45.43
Anthony McCutcheon M45-49 11.26.28
Carole McGregor F30-34 13.46.22
Bob Martin M60-64 13.47.22

3. TA Challenge Series, Geelong - 1.5km swim, 40km ride, 10km run

Male: Paul Attard 1.55.46 Female: Regina Wright 2.13.26

Craig Garland 27th M40-44 2.20.44

Andrew Simpson M35-39 1st 2.07.21

4. Ironman South Africa - 3.8km swim, 180km ride, 42.2km run

Male: Marino Vanhoenacker 8.17.32 Female: Sonia Tajsich 9.27.59

5. Ironman 70.3 New Orleans - 1.9km swim, 90km ride, 21.1km run

Male: Brent McMahon 3.52.08 Female: Natasha Badman 4.17.50

6. Ironman 70.3 California - 1.9km swim, 90km ride, 21.1km run

Male: Matt Reed 3.51.50 Female: Mirinda Carfrae 4.25.02


Sunday 19 April 09
Arafura Games Lead Up
Lake Alexander
1km swim, 26km bike, 8km run (option 500m swim, 13km ride, 4km run)

Race Director: Stu Fitch 0418 437 075
Registration: Scott Bevis / Melissa Thompson
Timekeepers: Tim Ellison / Yvonne Ellison
Fruit / Ice: Ali Fitch


1. Wanted : Entry level road bike. Looking for a second hand road racing bike (approx. 51 cm / 20 inch frame). Contact Jamie: 0400 329 022

2. FOR SALE: Club Uniform - Ladies 1 piece swimmers (Size 12 M) available $70; Contact Robyn or email

3. MASSAGE: Do you need to relax or loosen up those muscles from all the hard training sessions? For a Swedish massage or a Sports massage in the comfort of your home contact Alexandria 0414 875 382

4. PHYSIO: Ali Fitch is again accepting private physiotherapy patients, and is keen to focus on sport/triathlon related matters. Call Stu on 0418 437 075, or 8981 3001 to make an appointment. Rates are $70 for initial 55 minute appointment, and $55 for subsequent 40 minute appointments.

5. FOR SALE: Junior committee will again be at the next event with club visors $8, running caps $13 , shirts $10 , bags $20 etc. So bring your dollars.

6. WANTED: Volunteers - Triathlon NT and the Darwin Cycling Club are assisting with the Activate MBF Healthy Lifestle program by conducting one hour introductory bike riding sessions on Saturday mornings between 8.30 and 9.30, starting from the Esplanade in Darwin. The program runs for 10 weeks, we have 7 more to go. Approximately 12 participants are attending each week. 3 volunteers are required each week to lead the group. If you are interested in joining the ride to promote the joys of Triathlon, please contact Amanda Donohoe on 0417 085 443.

7. Items for next E News by 8pm tomorrow please.

1. At our lucky draw yesterday the winner of voucher kindly donated by Ali Fitch Physio (initial consultation) was Shaye Hatty. Winner of voucher kindly donated by Alexandria (massage) - Grant Preddy. Towel winners: Leila Duncan and oops, senior moment.

2. Volunteers are required for the Arafura Games Triathlon coming up soon. If you can assist, please speak to Col Smith or Amanda Donohoe.

3. Amanda and Chad Anderson had the opportunity to compare broken arms yesterday. Good to have them down volunteering at the event. Thanks again to all those who helped out on the day.

4. Club President John Thyne yesterday recognised the contribution made by Aaron Caden (CycleZone) as sponsor of the NT Junior Triathlon Championships. Aaron was presented with a club towel and momento to display at CycleZone.

5. The juniors also benefited during their bumper season via grants from Woolworths and the Winnellie Telstra shop.

6. Phil Blumberg gave a draft zone demonstration yesterday. Competitors largely got the message although there were some out there still a tad too close at times. Remember in triathlon ..... drafting is cheating.

7. Rob Brooks and Phil Brownscombe are our latest members to become an "Ironman" following yesterday's Ironman Australia.

8. Stu Fitch's age group category win means the club will have at least three representatives at Ironman World Championships in Hawaii later this year.

9. I love watching the progress of our newer members. Being down at the back somewhat I get a great opportunity to see who is doing what and when. Arullan Naidoo is one who is ever improving; Belinda Smith is also on the up as is Korgan Hucent.

10. The 1st Brigade and Darwin Charity Run - 10k, 5k (both $15) and family run (free) to raise finds for Cancer research and Legacy will be held at Lake Alexander on Saturday 2nd May 2009. Entry form see or further information is available from

11. Finally, a reminder of some key closing dates rapidly approaching. Both Sprint & Olympic Distance TA team applications for ITU Worlds and Arafura Games entries close this week. Don't be sorry, get on to it immediately - don't forget Friday is Good Friday so it's a short week. Arafura Games volunteers in any capacity also need to complete their accreditation on line this week.

Triathlon 3 x the fun

Robyn Stanley
Darwin Triathlon Club
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