Friday, 8 June 2012

Uniform Order Now Open 8 June 2012

Hi All,

In response to a number of requests we have opened a new Uniform Order online hereThe order is to be finalized by next Friday so please get your order in now.

We are offering our Men’s and Women’s Tri Suits, new Ultra Tri Top and Tri Pants for men and women and the Men’s swimmers.

In response to numerous requests we have also included our new running top.  

We hope this covers most of your training and racing needs. 

The women’s version of the Tri Suit and the Tri Top are lined. 

The ultra tops & tri pants are an upgraded version on those previously offered.

This is likely to be the last uniform order for 2012

Size Charts:

1.  Size Chart:  It is important to measure yourself and check sizes here

Club Gear Q&A:

Q:  What do the club uniform items look like?
A:  Most of you have seen members in club gear.  Above photos feature the new running tops. Images of the items can also be viewed as you place your online order and on our Facebook page

Q:  Who is our supplier?
A:  Our suppliers are Cannibal.

Q:   Can I try items on to see what size I am?
A:   Sorry no. 

Q:   Is there more info on items?
A:   Yes.  Refer Cannibal website for more detailed descriptions.

Q:   How do I know what size to order?
A:   We recommend you measure yourself, check the size chart and then order relevant sizing.  Don't guess. 

Q:   What if I order and it doesn't fit?
A:   Happy to advertise the item for re sale in the E News on your behalf.

Q:  If I don't order now can I get what I want later?
A:  No guarantee.  If the minimum order numbers of an item are obtained, that's all we get. 

Q:  Why doesn't the club hold uniform stocks?
A:  A number of reasons including deterioration in our climate, storage, administration, cost to the club and the volunteer time involved.  

Q:  Why do I have to pay up front?
A:  Uniform order is a voluntary service to members & experience tells us this is the easiest way to manage. The club also has to pay up front before delivery.

Q:  If I don't order now, when will the next order be done?
A:  Not known. 

Q:  How much profit does the club make on this?
A:  Zero.  The club also pays the freight & design costs to ensure members get quality club gear at the lowest possible cost.

Q:  Closing date is Friday 15 June, why?
A:  We have been advertising for some time that a uniform order was about to happen.  To assist the uniform order volunteer, please get your orders in asap, today would be fantastic! 

Q:  How do I order?
A:  Order online here
Q:  What if minimum order numbers are not reached?
A:  If order numbers are not at or close to minimum, your payment will be refunded.

Q:  What is the turnaround time for delivery?
A:  Allow about 3-4 weeks from placement of order. 

We hope you will all take advantage of this opportunity to order quality club design gear.


Robyn Stanley
Darwin Triathlon Club

Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Robyn's E News 6 June 2012

Hi All,

We had members in action all over the place last weekend.  With Ironman Cairns,  Ironman 70.3 Cairns, City 2 Surf and a zillion other things happening we were a very active lot. 

Congratulations to everyone on their respective results particularly those that pb’d or went up a distance for the first time. Well done.   

With another long weekend coming up, I’m sure there will be lots of people out and about training.  Please take care out there on the roads, it’s very busy. If you are riding in the dark, make yourself as visible as possible … lights, light bright clothing etc.  


1.  Ironman Cairns, 3.8km swim, 180km bike, 42.2km run

Male:  David Dellow 8.15.04  Female:  Carrie Lester 9.21.00

Lee Wilson 19th M40-44 10.32.14
Sarah Collins 1st F50-54 12.15.01
Michelle Mitchell dnf

2.  Ironman 70.3 Cairns, 1.9km swim, 90km bike, 21.1km run

Male:  Pete Jacobs 3.55.51  Female:  Sarah Crowley  4.23.27

John Arrigo 19th M30-34 4.42.49
Justin Tranter 9th M25-29 4.44.56
Michael Varga 13th M25-29 4.49.23
Emma Winterflood 5th F35-39 5.00.53
Ben Sanders 26th M35-39 5.01.34
Nikki Roddie 13th F35-39 5.13.58
Tara Worby 8th F40-44 5.26.25
Nathan Dwyer 58th M35-39 5.28.08
Carlee Mark 11th F25-29 5.28.40
Tom O’Neil 35th M25-29 5.36.06
Leigh Milne 83rd M35-39 5.42.39
Rosie Sullivan 28th F35-39 5.58.02
Amy Pallentine 22nd M25-29 5.55.12
Peta Jeggo 25th F40-44 6.02.27
Robyn Stanley 1st F60-64 6.05.19
Belinda Townend 36th F30-34 6.21.36
Jane Marie Kerslake 38th F40-44 6.39.20
Renee De Jong 50th F25-29 7.42.17
Ali Fitch dns
Craig Garland dns

3.  Ironman 70.3 Hawaii, 1.9km swim, 90km bike, 21.1km run

Male:  Lance Armstrong 3.50.55  Female:  Lindsey Corbin 4.26.09

4.  Ironman 70.3 Switzerland, 1.9km swim, 90km bike, 21.1km run

Male:  Michael Raelert 3.44.13  Female:  Nicola Spirig 4.08.52

5.  Ironman 70.3 Mooseman, 1.9km swim, 90km bike, 21.1km run

Male:  Clayton Fettell 4.00.10  Female:  Magali Tisseyre 4.32.10

6. City 2 Surf 12.7km

Male:  Wondwoson Geleta 40.47  Female:  Claire Johnson 49.01

Full results here

7.  Gatorade Open Water Swims, Waterfront Lagoon

1.2km  Male:  Chad Blenkinship 16.25  Female:  Emma Koch 15.53

3km  Male:  Tim Green 35.32  Female:  Jade Williamson 36.46

Full results here


Sunday 17 June 2012
Lake Alexander
750m swim, 26km bike, 5km run
Short option:  300m swim, 13km bike, 3km run


Race Director:  Simon Cruickshank
Registration:  Emma Winterflood / Ron Griep
Timekeeping:  Ron Griep / Daniel Eakins
Fruit / Ice:  Volunteer required


1.  WANTED:  Ladies (or possibly men’s) 54-56cm Road Bike. Entry level.  Contact Nicole 0434 932 584

2.  FOR SALE:  Darwin Tri Club top size small; Never been used. $50.  Contact Belinda 0418 456 653

3.  FOR SALE: P3 Ultegra 2011 size 54, $3,200 ono Contact Simon  0414 657 256

4.  Items for next E News by 8pm Sunday please.


1.  I’m sure most of you have seen the Olympic Team announcement.  If not, our guys are Brad Kahlefeldt, Brendan Sexton, Courtney Atkinson and the girls Emma Moffatt, Emma Jackson & Erin Densham.

2.  Who forgot their race number in T1  at Cairns and had to go back frantically searching through race bags to retrieve it?

3.  Sarah Collins ticked doing an Ironman off her bucket list in the best possible way with an age group win at Cairns.  She knocked back her Kona slot (work & family commitments) – which made 2nd place in the category a very happy.

4.  We are sending our speedy recovery wishes to Adele Butler.  She was unwell the morning of our Olympic Distance was disappointed to be unable to do Race Referee duties.  It turns out that she had appendicitis and ended up having surgery at the end of May.  Get well soon Adele.

5.  Members please be on the alert when riding out near Robertson Barracks as heavy haulage between the quarry near the Barracks and the Blaydin Point LNG facility site has commenced this week.   

6.  We have had a couple of people offer to assist with organising our Presentation Night.  If you can help as well please email here.

7.  I have the latest tri top that we can adapt for club uniform.  Those I’ve shown them to are impressed.  A new order will be taken soon for our club gear.  Hoping to have it locked in and back in time for our NT Long Course Triathlon


... you don’t like going to Cas Sq because they don’t have a bike shop
…  your 4 year old knows the difference between a half and full ironman
…  you can recognize people by how their butt looks in lycra rather than by their face

Safe training,

Robyn Stanley
Darwin Triathlon Club
E News