Monday, 28 March 2011

Robyn's E News 28 March 11

Photo: Ray White Darwin 2011 NT Sprint ~ racked and ready

Hi All,

A very successful Ray White Darwin NT Sprint Distance Championships & NT Junior Championships were conducted at Lake Alexander yesterday (albeit as duathlon format due to the continued closure of Lake A).

Our sincere thanks to RD Scott Bevis for his efforts with this event. How good was it to have the lights flashing on Ross Smith Ave ?! A huge thank you also to all our volunteers (and there were many) who assisted with these events, we really really appreciate your efforts.

We acknowledge and thank our event sponsor, Ray White Darwin, for their generous support of our event. With Korgan Hucent in action in Mooloolaba, it was over to Nic from Ray White Darwin to handle presentations. Nic is also a triathlete in waiting and was inspired by your efforts yesterday.

Don't forget that our next event is a 4.30pm start at Lake Bennett for the Kerran Mudgway Memorial Club Championships. Contact number for those who may wish to stay the night at the Resort (and we encourage you to do so) is given below.


1. Ray White Darwin NT Sprint Distance Championships, 2.8km run, 26km bike, 5km run

1 Grant Preddy 1 hr 10 mins 53 secs; 2 Mark Anzin 1.12.29; 3 Marcus Lisle 1.12.48; 4 Rob Weatherald 1.13.14; 5 Steve Goat 1.14.06; 6 Tony Cox 1.14.35; 7 Ali Fitch 1.14.51; 8 David Croser 1.15.28; 9 Russell Peacock 1.15.39; 10 Justin Tranter 1.15.54; 11 Ron Griep 1.16.32; 12 Michael Varga 1.16.43; 13 Stu Fitch 1.16.53; 14 James Geddes 1.17.17; 15 Simon Cruickshank 1.17.26; 16 Brian Gallagher 1.18.20; 17 Roger Decurtins 1.18.35; 18 Blaice McCaul 1.18.45; 19 David McLeod 1.19.13; 20 Bec Thyne 1.19.22; 21 Simon Weise 1.19.45; 22 Luke Reeves 1.20.20; 23 John Thyne 1.20.39; 24 Chris Batenberg 1.21.41; 25 Daniel Eakins 1.22.01; 26 Shaye Hatty 1.22.06; 27 Damien Brown 1.22.23; 28 Belinda Birk 1.22.28; 29 Vicki Woodrow 1.22.30; 30 Glen Scholz 1.23.29; 31 Sue Parora 1.23.35; 32 Cruz Vida 1.25.20; 33 Ben Sanders 1.25.29; 34 Ryoko Jones 1.26.05; 35 Haydn Whitty 1.26.34; 36 Emmett Hartung 1.26.47; 37 Daniel Obrien 1.27.00; 38 Rosie Sullivan 1.27.44; 39 Clinton Luxford 1.27.48; 40 Jodie McLeod 1.27.58; 41 Kate Robertson 1.28.20; 42 Team Townend/Richardson 1.28.24; 43 Daryl Stanley 1.28.51; 44 Kylie Gaffel 1.28.53; 45 Rowena Eastick 1.29.18; 46 Peta Jeggo 1.29.35; 47 Karen Wilson 1.30.21; 48 Amy Yeoman 1.31.18; 49 Leigh Milne 1.31.44; 50 Jo Duncan 1.31.51; 51 Barry Sullivan 1.32.09; 52 Bertram Birk 1.32.55; 53 Tass Liveris 1.33.08; 54 Adam Cunneen 1.33.56; 55 Ian Fletcher 1.34.00; 56 Karen Lewis 1.35.39; 57 Simon Thiessen 1.35.52; 58 Jane Marie Kerslake 1.37.35; 59 Angelika Hannon 1.38.22; 60 Team Killiner 1.44.06; 61 Brian Hannon 1.46.18; 62 Alan Day 1.47.49; 63 Moira Wigley 1.53.58; 64 Team Killiner/Harris/Acland 1.54.41; 65 Tim Green dnf; 66 Margaret Black dnf; 67 Bronwyn Rossingh dnf

NT Sprint Triathlon Champions:

Male: Grant Preddy
Female: Alison Fitch

Age Group Winners:
16-19 Blaice McCaul
20-24 Grant Preddy / Bec Thyne
25-29 Justin Tranter / Kylie Gaffel
30-34 Marcus Lisle / Ryoko Jones
35-39 Mark Anzin / Ali Fitch
40-44 David Croser / Sue Parora
45-49 Tony Cox / Belinda Birk
50-54 Rob Weatherald / Vicki Woodrow
55-59 Stu Fitch
60-64 Daryl Stanley

2. NT Junior Championships

12-13 years (1km run, 12km bike, 2.5km run)

1. Joseph White 42.47; 2 Bella Hatty 47.42; 3 Lara Whitehouse 49.57; 4 Hamish Wiltshire 51.14; 5 Connor McLeod 52.30; 6 Chynna Godfrey 53.56; 7 Ari McInerney dnf

14-16 years (1km run, 12km bike, 5km run)

1. Mitch Ward 47 mins 01 secs; 2 Dustin Hunter 50.18; 3 Nelson Rossingh 53.26; 4 Imogen Teale 54.52; 5 Louise Jettner 1.00.07

NT Junior Triathlon Champions:

Male: Mitch Ward
Female: Imogen Teale

3. Mooloolaba ITU World Cup, 1.5km swim, 40km bike, 10km run (draft legal)

Male: Brad Kahlefeldt (AUS) 1.51.52 Female: Nicky Samuels (NZ) 2.03.13

4. Mooloolaba ITU Oceania Cup, 1.5km swim, 40km bike, 10km run (draft legal)

Male: Mitchell Robins 1.51.45 Female: Ashleigh Gentle 2.03.25

Chad Anderson 38th 2.02.07

5. Mooloolaba Triathlon, 1.5km swim, 40km bike, 10km run

Male: James Hodge 1.56.31 Female: Kym Jaenke 2.10.26

Heath Porter 11th M25-29 2.08.10
Craig Garland 37th M40-44 2.21.53
Jac Crofton 10th F30-34 2.27.58
Korgan Hucent 110th M30-34 2.32.18
Monica Stewart 2nd F55-59 2.36.11
Faith Marshall 107th F35-39 3.17.56


Saturday 9 April 2010
Kerran Mudgway Memorial Club Championships
Lake Bennett
1km swim, 30km bike, 8km run
(Short option 500m swim, 15km bike, 4km run)

Race status: CLUB (must be a member to race)
Registration: On day

Race Director: Jack Pennington 0404 789 641

Registration: Tim Green / Kyle Gear
Timekeeping: Christine Friebel / Natasha Rammers
Fruit / Ice: Vicki Woodrow

Extra volunteers for Lake Bennett - we need some volunteers to man the drinks station and turnaround points of the bike and the run.
Can you help? Please ring Jack on 0404 789 641


1. We have negotiated a special rate for those wishing to stay at the Resort following our Club Championships. It's a great opportunity for a weekend away. Please mention you are with DTC for the triathlon.

2. Lake Bennett resort bookings contact or phone 8076 0960


1. Congratulations to Tara Worby and Paul Tilbrook on the arrival of Emily Rose. A great birthday gift for Tilly !

2. Media Watch: See attached &
3. Triathlon on the tele ... Geelong should be showing next Saturday 2 April and the Sydney race on Monday 11 April. Check your local guides for One HD coverage.

4. We have a number of people heading to Sydney for the age group race. Would love a quick email from those heading south for it so that results are easier to check ...

5. Applications are now open if you would like to be considered for selection as a member of the Australian age group team for the following ITU World Championships:

Sprint and Olympic Distance - Beijing China (10/11 September 2011); Duathlon - Gijon, Spain (24/25 September 2011); Long Distance - Henderson, Nevada, USA (5 November 2011)

Age group team selection is based principally on the results obtained in the qualification series races. All relevant information can be found on the Triathlon Australia website at

6. Darwin Cycling Club are running the second participation ride on Sunday 3 April 11 as part of the build up series to the around the harbour ride
to Mandoorah. There will be a 40 km option starting at 8.00 am and a 80 km option starting at 7.30 am. Register from 7.00 am at Howard Springs
shops in Whitewood Rd. For details see >

7. The juniors were very antsy and anxious to get underway yesterday. The rise in skill level of these kids is amazing .. watch out seniors ~ hot competition is coming to a race near you !

8. Congratulations to Monica Stewart on her podium place at Australia Age Group Triathlon Championships at Mooloolaba yesterday. Mon had an awesome time and racing appears to have been neck & neck.

9. One of our former juniors Alistair Donohoe, won a gold medal in the U17 Team Pursuit at the National Junior Track Championships recently.

10. E News may be missing from your inbox for a week or so. Any urgent announcements will be made direct to our club website "News/Announcements" page, so make sure you check there occasionally.


... you have 3 hrs on the bike ticked off before the sun comes up
... you are sporting gravel rash and bruises and all your friends want to know is how your bike is are looking forward to going to work for a rest after training

Safe Training,

Robyn Stanley
Darwin Triathlon Club
E News