Monday, 20 August 2012

E News 20 August 2012

Hi All,

What a weekend!  Dry season madness continues and so does tri season madness J

We kicked off a huge three weeks of tri at Lake Alexander yesterday.  Our enthusiastic participants scored perfect conditions for the 500m swim, 13km bike, 5km run event. 

We had Simon Cruickshank ably performing the volunteer Race Director duties and we thank him sincerely for his efforts.  Simon was assisted by other brilliant volunteers, some rostered on and others just stepping in on the day.  It is heartening to have someone out of the blue say “Is there anything I can do to help” and we thank those people for stepping up.  We have a great bunch of members!

Last night we headed into il Lido at the Waterfront for our annual Presentation Night function which was conducted in a very relaxed atmosphere and enjoyed by all.

Darwin Triathlon Club sincerely thanks our Awards Night sponsors , Timex and Blue Cycles  as well as Jane Perkin at Massage4Life, David Hancock of Gallery Two Six and Everest Sports for their support.

Our new club custom made caps and visors were unveiled last night and were a big hit with award winners.  

Thank you to Lauren Stephenson, Kylie Gaffel and Nathan & Alexandra Dwyer for their assistance with Presentation Night function arrangements and also to our juniors Bella & Jack Hatty and Jemima, Harry & Ella Croser helping with presentations.


1.  Darwin Triathlon Club Annual Awards:

Kerran Mudgway Memorial Club Champions:  Brett Verity / Claire Johnson

Aquathlon Series:  Brett Verity / Ali Fitch

Duathlon Series:  Brett Verity / Stef Puszka

Sprint Series: 1 Brett Verity, 2 Tim Green, 3 Glenn Woodrow

Women’s Series:  1 Claire Johnson, 2 Emma Winterflood, 3 Ryoko Jones

Age Group Triathlete of the Year Pointscore:

Under 20:  Joseph White / Louise Jettner
20-29:  Justin Tranter / Kylie Gaffel
30-39:  Brett Verity / Ryoko Jones
40-49:  Glenn Woodrow / Peta Jeggo
50-59:  Robbie Weatherald / Vicki Woodrow
60-69:  Daryl Stanley / Monica Stewart

Most Outstanding Junior:  Joseph White

Outstanding Ironman Performance:  Marcus Lisle

Most Improved Triathlete:  Tim Green / Stef Puskza

Encouragement Awards:  Dale Berk, Emmett Hartung / Amy Pallentine, Angela Librio

Broken Spoke Award:  Belinda Birk

Dag of the Year:  Emma Winterflood

Life Membership:  Allan Stancombe

2.  Triathlon, Lake Alexander, 500m swim, 13km bike, 5km run

1 Brett Verity 46 mins 04 secs;  2 Derek Cross 47.14; 3 Michael Varga 48.59; 4 Justin Tranter 49.12; 5 Team Tim/Trent Ellison 49.39; 6 Robbie Weatherald 49.41; 7 Ron Griep 50.05; 8 Chris Jessop 50.35; 9 Jason Cook 50.46; 10 Stef Puszka 51.04; 11 Tony Cox 51.21; 12 Korgan Hucent 51.47; 13 Joseph White 52.34; 14 Brian Gallagher 52.44; 15 Chris Mennie 53.01; 16 John Thyne 53.20; 17 Damien Brown 54.13; 18 Bill Pettit 54.42; 19 Carlee Mark 54.56; 20 Adam Brown 54.57; 21 Nikki Roddie 55.16; 22 David Glass 55.43; 23 Shaye Hatty 55.49; 24 Sue Parora 56.11; 25 Jo Ellis 56.40; 26 Vicki Woodrow 56.48; 27 Tony Burns 57.27; 28 Emma Cook 57.33; 29 Alex Wetton 57.46; 30 Tom O’Neil  58.14; 31 Gary Wall 58.21; 32 Anna Goat 58.50; 33 Bec Ellison 58.55; 34 Phil Blumberg 58.58; 35 Robert Pederson- McLaren 59.28; 36 Nathan Dwyer 59.37; 37 Daryl Stanley 59.57; 38 Col Smith 1.00.05; 39 Monica Stewart 1.00.19; 40 Paul Tilbrook 1.00.25; 41 Peta Jeggo 1.00.59; 42 David Hancock 1.01.16; 43 Corrine Fabian 1.01.24; 44 Damian Kulmar 1.01.37; 45 Rosie Sullivan 1.02.11; 46 Geri Ford 1.02.32; 47 Tass Liveris 1.03.31; 48 Joy Glass 1.05.04; 49 Bianca May 1.05.24; 50 Bella Hatty 1.06.15; 51 Barry Sullivan 1.07.03; 52 Renee de Jong 1.07.08; 53 Phill Hatty 1.07.26; 54 Priscilla Lenne 1.10.34; 55 Helen Bretten 1.10.44; 56 Moira Wigley 1.11.19; 57 Rose Stephens 1.12.10; 58 Tori Sherrock 1.12.18; 59 Cath Meng 1.13.14; 60 Asha Mahasuri 1.14.40; 61 Claire Labowitch 1.15.31; 62 Barry Smart 1.23.39; 63 Kate Robertson dnf; 64 Ben Streeter dnf; 65 Louise Jettner dnf; 66 Hamish Wiltshire dnf; 67 Matt King dnf

3.  Ironman 70.3 Steelhead, Michigan, 1.9km swim, 90km bike, 21.1km run

Male:  Daniel Bretscher 3.57.17  Female:  Jessica Jacobs 4.24.43

Michelle Mitchell FPro 5th 4.34.21

4. Ironman 70.3 Yeppoon, 1.9km swim, 90km bike, 21.1km run

Male:  Tim Reed 3.49.42  Female:  Lisa Marangon 4.17.27

5.  Ironman Sweden, 3.8km swim, 180km bike, 42.2km run

Male:  Jan Raphael 8.04.01  Female:  Lisa Lundstrom 9.13.27

6.  Ironman 70.3 Timberman, New Hampshire, 1.9km swim, 90km bike, 21.1km run

Male:  Joe Gambles 3.48.30  Female:  Heather Wurtele 4.20.48

7.  Ironman Mont-Tremblant, 3.8km swim, 180km bike, 42.2km run

Male:  Romain Gullaume 8.40.48  Female:  Jessie Davoran 9.30.46

8.  Challenge Vichy, 1.9km swim, 90km bike, 21.1km run

Male:  Stephen Bayliss 3.59.57  Female:  Martina Dogana 4.35.57

9. Couer d’Alene Triathlon, 1.5km swim, 40km bike, 10km run

Male:  Matt Seeley 1.59.20  Female:  Annie Warner 2.13.26

Stu Fitch 2nd M50+ 2.25.17


Sunday 26 August 2012
Finlay’s NT Long Course Triathlon
Lake Bennett

EVENT STATUS:  Must be a current TA member to compete as individual or in a team.

Entry Online HERE

Entry closes Wednesday evening.  No late entries accepted.

2km swim, 60km bike, 16km run

Race Director:  Jason Jones   0439 885 797

Registration:    Alan Day / Nathan Dwyer
Timekeepers:   Claire Labowitch / Moira Wigley
Fruit / Ice:       Someone volunteered at Presentation Night and I’ve had a mental block, can you let me know again please.


1.  Please note we are using the carpark at the Resort as transition.  If you aren’t booked at the Resort for the night, you will need to park outside. On the way in, it will help if you drive past the Resort gates before parking.  Please do NOT park on the highway side of the Resort.

2.  We ask that you consider the safety of competitors prior to parking and make sure you are well off the road.

3.  Please ensure you are well hydrated prior to this event.

4.  Bring your own water … it is not recommended that you drink the local bore water.

5.  There is a small shop at the Resort selling drinks/icecream so you may wish to consider bringing snacks.

6.  Toilet facilities are located on the pool deck area at the rear of the Resort reception.  Please consider guests if you make use of Resort facilities.

7.  Triathlon NT will be sending event info direct to registered competitors this week.


1.  FOR SALE:  Avanti Vivace road bike frame size 56.5cm with shimmano 105 running gear. Bike in excellent condition and hardly used, perfect entry level bike. $650 ono Contact Steve  0407 865 011

2.  WANTED:  Lift to Lake Bennett (and back) wanted for female interstate competitor and bike next Saturday/Sunday. Please contact Kylie 0407 942 066 if you can help out

3.  Items for next E News by 8pm tomorrow please.


1.  Ben Streeter needed six stitches in his knee after hitting a rock early on the bike leg yesterday.  It was game over for Ben before he got his feet in his bike shoes.  We wish him a speedy recovery.

2.  Helen Bretten travelled up from Katherine to compete yesterday.  She got a puncture on the bike, but wasn’t going to give up. She repaired and got back on the road quickly.  Way to go Helen.

3.  Who was that competitor with their shoes attached to the wrong pedals.  Our first Dag of the Year nomination for 2012/2013 for sure.  Photographic evidence obtained.

4.  Speaking of Dag of the Year,  Emma Winterflood got the award last night.  A recap on her nomination:

Emma ended up in the male change tent in T1 at Cairns, at her bike she then realised she had lost/forgotten her sunglasses and had to go back to retrieve them. She searched through race bags to no avail.

With another trip into the tent she located them on the ground in said male change tent.  Lucky the sunnies were pink and therefore could only belong to the only female in the male change tent! 

If it weren't for that little incident and a pit stop later on, Emma would have easily cracked the 5hrs for the 70.3!

5.  Fernwood All Girls Tri is just two weeks away.  Entry sold out quickly, but we managed to find a little bit more rack space & have reopened entry HERE . If you, or someone you know missed out first time around, be quick as these spots are also filling fast.

6.  John Thyne is running some beginner training sessions for those doing Fernwood or anyone else interested.  See attached details.

7.  A quick check of the Awards List above shows that our club champion Brett Verity had an enormous year and scooped the prize pool.  Congratulations Brett.

8.  Congratulations also to our Most Improved, Tim Green and Stef Puszka.  The winners of these awards are sometimes hard to pick, but this year the pair were definitely stand out improvers.

9.  Allan Stancombe was made a Life Member of our club last night.  Allan has been largely invisible for a few years now but contributes enormously in the area of results compilation an, up until recently, was our website guru.  He has served on the committee in the past and was also a fiercely competitive triathlete until a dodgy knee forced him to pull the pin on running. Congrats Al.

Safe training,

Robyn Stanley
Darwin Triathlon Club
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