Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Robyn's E News 16 May 2012

Hi All,

Our NT Olympic Distance Triathlon takes place on Sunday.  The 1.5km swim, 40km bike, 10km run event has attracted a large field and it’s going to be exciting to watch it unfold.

As usual it’s a big undertaking to bring you an event like this with much happening behind the scenes over the past weeks.  We have many fantastic volunteers but we do still URGENTLY need some extras to assist with this event. 

If you (or partner, family member or friend) are available, please consider helping out on Sunday and email here with your contact details. It’s an early start, but you can be sure you will be greatly appreciated by all those who compete.

Online entry is still open here  until midday Friday.  For those of you entering teams, the primary contact details go in first and then details for all team members (which may or may not include primary contact) are required including DOB, address, contact numbers etc.  Can’t locate your TA number?  That field is optional for DTC members for this event only.  


NT Olympic Distance Triathlon Championships
Sunday 20 May 2012
Lake Alexander
7am (transition closes 6.40am)
1.5km swim, 40km bike, 10km run

Online entry & more information here   

Entry closes: Midday Friday 18 May 2012 (no late entry taken)


Race Director:  Brian Gallagher
Registration:    Hans Bormann / Emma Muntz
Timekeeping:   Rose Stephens / Peter Stephens
Fruit /Ice:        Corinne Fabian


1.  Please ensure you have checked your bike, that brakes are in working order and handle bars are plugged.
2.  All competitors must carry minimum one water bottle on bike.
3.  Roads are open, road rules as well as race competition rules must be obeyed.
4.  Event is a non drafting event. 


Swim:  2 x 750m laps Lake Alexander
Bike:  3 x 13km laps East Point to Sunset Cove/Dick Ward Drive roundabout
Run: 3 x 3.3km laps gate to gate (from transition to East Point entrance gates, turn, proceed to black gate just before Dudley Pt)


1. Here are some simple instructions for those assisting with writing numbers on competitors at events  -  same instructions apply whether we have timing chips for a larger event or we are using the manual system.

2.  Numbers should be written on both arms (this allows timekeepers to move to different positions and still have a clear view of competitors)

3.  Numbers are always written down the side of the arms.  eg 1 5 3 would appear as: 

4.  There are years of experience behind this instruction - it is easier for timekeepers to read a number going down an arm than around it, especially as competitors dash past.

5.  Numbers should always be in plain block print.  NO FANCY WRITING please.  eg a crossed seven can be confused with a four (4) or if smudged can be mistaken for a nine.  A flowery 3 or 5 can be confused as an 8

6.  Pens don’t work well on sweaty bodies or when athletes have applied sunscreen.  We keep a roll of kitchen paper in the race box to wipe down arms.

7. Now you know body marking basics, please feel free to grab a marker pen at the next event & help at registration for a while.

8.  Competitors can also assist by not applying sunscreen or insect repellent prior to being body marked and if you are of the hot, sweaty, hairy arm & leg variety, bring a towel to wipe down before presenting your appendage to be marked.


1. WANTED TO BUY:  Second-hand road bike will pay up to $500, Men’s size M. Contact Ants 0424 345 398

2. WANTED BY OVERSEAS VISITOR ARRIVING SOON:  Used road bike, preferably less than $1,000 (only here for 3 months), and also need shoes (EUR 38) and a lock.  To suit female 160cm, small, current frame size 47cm, a Trek Lexa.  Contact Sam here

3.  FOR SALE: P3 Ultegra 2011 size 54 for $3,700 ono Contact Simon  0414 657 256

4. Items for next E News by 8pm Sunday please


1.  Great to catch up with Vincent Gilly this week.  He is enjoying swimming, running and catching up with old sparring oops training partners while he is here!

2.  2013 Ironman Australia date announced ~ 5 May 2013.  Entry for Port Mac opens next Wednesday 23 May.  More details here.

3.  Fannie Bay Swim Classic will be held 1 July 2012 with a 1:30 start. Register online here  to get the early bird special entry.  Look for Fannie Bay Swim Classic registration.

4.  Shock waves went through tri world when Brad Kahlefeldt (only Oz male yet confirmed for London Olympic Triathlon) was taken to hospital following the ITU event San Diego with suspected TB or pneumonia.  Update on his website says “I’ve had 2 out of my 3 tests come back as negative to TB which is good news so just waiting on the 3rd and final test to confirm that.”

5.  Gran Fondo coming up 12 August 2012.  More info and registration here.

6.  Nice to have the swim & ride happening at times that lead in nicely to our Finlay’s NT Long Course Triathlon on Sunday 26 August 2012.  If you haven’t already done so, mark that one on your calendar of “Must Dos”. 

7.  Not all athletes made it to Dili for the marathon.  Due to the low pressure system and associated weather, a flight with over 20 athletes (Darwin, interstate & overseas) had to return to Darwin after two aborted landings.   


… you have bookmarked
… you are self-confident enough to wear lycra no matter your age, weight or body shape
… 60% of your nutrition is individually packaged

Safe training,

Robyn Stanley
Darwin Triathlon Club
E News

Monday, 14 May 2012

Robyn's E News 14 May 2012

Hi All,

While many around the country were rugged up in front of the heater, we have just had another wonderful weekend in our own little tri training paradise. 

I did hear a few thin bloods mention that it won’t be long before they will be giving their arm warmers an airing & wetsuits are being pulled from the back of cupboards in preparation, but so far it’s just a pleasure to be out there minus the extreme heat and humidity.

You know you live in a fantastic place when all roads heading our way are becoming crowded with people wanting to experience what we sometimes take for granted.  That brings us to a safety warning, the traffic is increasing around town so please take care out there riding (on both roads and bike paths). 

Big buzz around our event this weekend. We have our NT Olympic Distance Triathlon happening this Sunday at Lake Alexander and entries are again well up.  Entry is online only ( here) and close midday Friday unless we reach that rack limit earlier.  Don’t be disappointed, get your entry in now. 

Extra volunteers are still needed to help out on Sunday.  If you are able to assist please email here


1.  ITU  World Triathlon San Diego, 1.5km swim, 40km bike, 10km run

Male:  Jonathan Brownlee (GBR)  1.48.47    Female:  Helen Jenkins (GBR)  1.58.21

2.  Ironman 70.3 Mallorca, 1.9km swim, 90km bike, 21.1km run

Male:  Michael Raelert 3.57.08  Female:  Emma-Kate Lidbury 4.39.05


NT Olympic Distance Triathlon Championships
Sunday 20 May 2012
Lake Alexander
1.5km swim, 40km bike, 10km run

Online entry & more information here   (Note: Age category is age as at 31 Dec 2011)

Individual Entry $25; Team of 2 $40; Team of 3 $50
First 75 entries (individual or team members) receive goodies bag courtesy of Cycle Zone ~ don’t miss out ~ get your entry in now
Entry closes: Midday Friday 18 May 2012 (no late entry accepted)


Race Director:  Brian Gallagher
Registration:  Hans Bormann / Emma Muntz
Timekeeping:  Rose Stephens / Peter Stephens
Fruit /Ice:  Corinne Fabian


1.  Please note change of date for our first Duathlon at Lee Point.

2.  We have moved forward a week to 27 May 2012 to avoid clash with City 2 Surf.


1.  FOUND:  Did you leave a towel at the teams race?  One black Challenge Series towel and a white towel with writing on it.  If you would like them returned Contact John 0423 797 401

2.  FOR SALE: P3 Ultegra 2011 size 54 for $3,700 ono Contact Simon  0414 657 256

3.  SWIMMER AVAILABLE: For team at the Olympic Distance event this weekend.  Contract Jemima 0404 777 680

4.  WANTED;  Kayak suitable for the Katherine Ultra Chalenge. Contact Ben 0427 155 400

5.  FOR SALE:  Set of Forza 100mm carbon tubular wheelset $1200 ono.  Contact Ben  0427 155 400

6.  Items for next E News by 8pm tomorrow please.


1.  Don’t forget to report in if you know of a particularly daggy deed done by any of our club members.  We need more nominations for 2011/2012 Presentation Night awards. All sources are kept strictly confidential.

2.  We also want to hear of any crashes that have happened so they can be included for our Broken Spoke Award.

3.  Please email here


1.  It’s that time of year again when your Committee starts looking ahead.

2.  Our annual Presentation Night Dinner is traditionally held around July/August.

3.  We are seeking volunteers willing to undertake the task of organising venue, menu, themes etc.

4.  If you would like to volunteer to help stage our big night, please let us know by email here, we look forward to hearing from you.


1.  “Anyone needing expert advice on flat tyres etc, can talk to Jason “Hitman” Jones, who has recently had five flat tyres, a severely buckled rim and fallen off his bike in his dad’s garage”.  Found in an old club newsletter (1989) under the heading bike hints !

2.  The San Diego ITU race saw the best of our AUS contenders for Olympic selection well down in the results.  Courtney Atkinson (13th), Brad Kahlefeldt (26th) and Macca (30th) were the best of the Oz guys.   We have to wait for Madrid to know whether we have two or three Olympic spots in the men. Talk about down to the wire!  Kahlefeldt is the only one already selected.   No secret I’m in Macca’s corner J along with all those who enjoy fairy tale endings !

3.  Thanks to those who have given feedback on our new website.  Please bookmark

4.  An interesting finish to our annual Age Group Triathlete of the Year pointscore, with a couple of categories still neck and neck.

5.  Our calendar committee is busy behind the scenes developing our next season of events. Working out public holidays, school hols, avoiding clashes with other major events etc requires considerable time and effort. Good luck guys!

6.  Did you watch IM Melbourne at the weekend?  Can’t remember why, but I got the sniffles at one stage.

7.  If you can time your lunchbreak for midday (DWN) today the women’s ITU race from San Diego is showing on One HD.   

8.  Our events are conducted under TA Race Competition Rules and policy so age categories for Sunday are determined by your age as at 31 December 2011 (this best suits Southern Hemisphere events with most triathlons conducted between Oct to April).  From 1 July, your age category changes to “as at 31 December 2012”.  This also lines up with our membership year.

9.  WTC events (as in M dot) and ITU events use age as at 31 Dec in year of competition to determine age category (that best suits Northern Hemisphere where the majority of their events are held June, July, August). 

10.  We have some members competing in one age group for our Olympic Distance who will then age up for Cairns a fortnight later.  

11.  You may also come across some other international events, local single discipline events etc that use age on race day for calculations.  Best advice is to read the athlete information for each event so that there are no surprises.


… your entry is already in for Sunday
… a shiny clean bike brings a smile to your face
… your calendar has online entry opening dates scattered throughout

Safe training,

Robyn Stanley
Darwin Triathlon Club
E News